Sunday, September 13, 2015

Samsung HT-F455BK Bluetooth Region Specs and Review

Samsung HT-F455BK Bluetooth Region - Get the Samsung's product reviews from the experts at this blog. Find the best Samsung's product like Samsung HT-F455BK Bluetooth Region Free Home Theater System.

Samsung HT-F455BK Bluetooth Region Features

  • 5.1 Channel, 1000 Watt Region Free Home Theater w/ Bluetooth and Karaoke
  • Watch movies from your USB and connect your devices with Bluetooth
  • Crystal Amplifier Plus available, CD Ripping available, 4 Tall-boy speakers, Football Mode available, Number of Sound Modes (DSP) x 8, Virtual Surround 5.1ch, Smart Volume available
  • HDMI ARC (Audio Return Channel) allows you to easily connect compatible devices to process the TV's audio signal without a separate optical cable to your receiver.
  • Samsung's proprietary digital amplifier technology, Crystal Amplifier Plus, delivers HD quality sound through you Samsung Home Entertainment System.
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Samsung HT-F455BK Bluetooth Region Description

The simple speaker set up mode of the Samsung 1000W Region Free DVD Home Theatre System HT-F455BK allows a quick and easy way of setting up high quality sound in your home. With intuitive GUI, simply select the position of surround speakers which will automatically enhance the stereo sound. The Samsung DVD home entertainment system makes watching movies even more enjoyable. With the TV Sound On feature in the Samsung DVD Home Entertainment System, you can hear high quality surround sound from your TV source. Breathe new life into your movie collection with the Samsung Home Entertainment System and upscale your standard definition DVDs into high resolution DVDs. Your favorite DVDs will feature the same brilliant details and rich, robust colors you've come to enjoy. Also, it allows you to Make your music into MP3s easily, watch movies from your USB and sing along to all your favorite songs. The Bluetooth feature allow you to connect multiple devices as well. Read more ...
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